Monday, July 6, 2009

My LEGO Team is Famous!

My Robotics team was invited to the FLL World Festival this past April not to compete (our scores never get high enough), but to be LEGO Ambassadors and work at the LEGO Booth helping to demonstrate MINDSTORMS 2.0.

Luck was on our side and at the last minute we were asked to fill in for a team that could not make it to Atlanta. Our scores didn't count, but the kids still got the chance to participate in running their robots in the Georgia Dome!

One of my 4th graders wrote a very thorough article on the experience for our school newspaper and it also got published on this week!

Elijah's report from FIRST World Festival in Atlanta

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LeGo-Bots Lady (;-p) LeGoBot-Gee a.k.a. V.Greene said...

EXCELLENT Elijah & the the Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn New York!!